Monday, January 5, 2015

So Far Away -

Happy Monday!

This weekend, I caught some great specials on PBS, covering the Library of Congress Gershwin Prize award ceremonies for both Billy Joel and Carole King.   I don't know if this is normal TV for someone my age, but I'd rather watch PBS music specials than just about anything else ((including my beloved Bravo Channel.  That's saying something, my friends.))  

Also, to know me is to know that I absolutely LOVE Billy Joel- but I also have a deep love for Carole King.  How can anyone NOT love Carole?  She's just so adorably sweet and humble- and her talent as both a singer and a songwriter is unmatched.   Her album Tapestry is one of my very favorites, and is played often around my house -loudly.  ((I reserve this behavior for when I am home alone, because it isn't nice to force anyone to be witness to my Carole King sing-a-longs...))

Below is one of my absolute favorite Carole King songs.  Also, I just had to share this particular one because how adorable is 1971 James Taylor?!  I love everything that is happening in this video:  the stripped down music, Carole's adorable mannerisms, her amazing pink maxi dress. . . and of course, adorable James Taylor.

I was so born in the wrong generation. . . 

Enjoy... and have a fantastic week!  I'm off to South Texas for a week-long work trip.   While I'm dreading being away from home for 5 days, I am looking forward to a little bit of sunshine and warmer temperatures...